Trends in lithium-ion battery technology in consumer electronics
发布日期: 2020-11-09 16:20:34 发布者:COSMX
        Mobile electronics powered by lithium-ion battery has been widely used in all aspects of life, with people's pursuit of new science and technology, convenient life, lithium-ion battery has also put forward a higher demand. At present, the main development trend of lithium-ion batteries is high energy density, fast charge, with high safety and long cycle life.
        Higher battery energy density helps increase standby time, create thinner products, and enhance the overall user experience. COSMX‘s next-generation high energy density products coming with an energy density up to 780Wh/l, which can increase 5% standby time or reduce the cell thickness by 4%. Even higher energy density technologies are also under development.
       Fast charge performance is dedicated to solving the pain point of long charging time, providing end users with a delight travel and use feeling. In order to improve the rapid charging capability, COSMX has innovatively designed the battery structure to reduce ohm impedance of the entire battery, while introducing various materials adapted to high current charging, such as fast charging anode, high conductivity electrolyte, etc., in the realization of fast charge and reducing temperature raise, the current 5C ultra-fast charge products can achieve 85% SOC in 5mins.
         In addition, for battery safety, COSMX studied failure mechanism from battery heat, mechanical and electrical abuse, and developed safety coating, high safety diaphragm, safety electrolyte additives and other technologies, 100% pass needle, 80% pass heavy impact, greatly enhance the nature of the battery safety, the technology has been introduced to strategic customers, expected to be applied in the customer's high-end products by 2020~2021, which will greatly enhance the added value of company’s products and brand reputation.