Driving the Future by Green Energy

Environmentally friendly, Energy saving and consumption reducing
Li-ion battery for vehicle start-up and micro-hybrid system gradually becoming the standard for automotive industry


12V/48V 12V/48V

Vehicle start-up with a more cost-effective Li-ion battery

Longer cycle life, higher energy density, smaller volume and smaller weight than conventional lead-acid batteries, Li-ion battery offers all these advantages without harmful heavy metals for green and environmentally-friendly energy



Service life:More than 10 years

Dimension:China national standard, European standard, American Standard, customized orders

12V/48V 12V/48V

Micro-hybrid and start/stop

Benefiting vehicle energy recovery, acceleration, electric crawling, smooth start and stop



Service life: More than 10 years

Dimension: Customized

12V/48V 12V/48V