Polymer Lithium-ion Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Project Start Ceremony
发布日期: 2021-02-24 09:11:09 发布者:COSMX

       On January 27th, the ground-breaking ceremony of COSMX Zhuhai polymer lithium-ion battery intelligent manufacturing project was held in Doumen, Zhuhai. Mr. Xu Yanming, Chairman of the Group, Mr. Xie Bin, Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Liu Mingzhuo, Senior Vice President and other senior executives of the group, as well as government head, such as Mr. Zhou Haijin, Secretary of the District Committee, Mr. Wang Zicheng, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Committee, and Mr. He Liping, Vice Chairman of the CPPCC District attended the foundation laying ceremony.

        In the opening speech, Mr. Xie Bin, Chief Operating Officer, gave a project briefing.COSMX Zhuhai Battery 180mu Project Base is located in the north of the west extension line of Xianghai Road, the west part of Xinqing Science and Technology Industrial Park, Doumen District, Zhuhai City. The total land use of the project is 120,052.01 square meters, with a total construction area of about 370,000 square meters. It is planned to be constructed in two phases, of which the total construction area of the first phase is about 247,000 square meters, including 2 production plants, 1 warehouse, 1 office building,1 canteen, wastewater treatment station and other related supporting facilities. The total construction area of the first phase is about 247,000 square meters, with an estimated total investment of about 2 billion yuan.




       After the project is put into production, the total production capacity of the first phase of the project can reach 150 million soft-pack polymer lithium batteries.

       The new project will increase the company's production capacity by more than 30%. The first-class lithium battery production line will be introduced to build the world leading, intelligent factory. The products are applied to laptop, mobile phones, smart wearables, UAV, vacuum cleaners, power tools and other application terminals, creating value for the society!

        Wang Zicheng, member of the Standing Committee of Doumen District Committee and Deputy District Mayor, delivered a speech. He said COSMX new project’s kick-off has opened the curtain of the Doumen industry to improve quality and efficiency in “the 14th Five-Year” period. It is a combination of new energy, new materials and intelligent manufacturing industry, which will certainly boost Doumen industrial transformation and upgrading, providing important support for Doumen to build a new pattern of industrial development. Government departments will do their best to provide the best quality and most convenient services, do everything possible to solve problems for enterprises, accelerate the construction of supporting networks and power grids, and do their utmost to support the accelerated construction of projects, so as to ensure that the projects are completed, put into operation and get achievement early.




        We are confident that with the joint efforts of the government, enterprises and all sectors of society, we will press the "Fast Forward" button on key construction projects, and embark on the "Doumen" ship of high-quality and accelerated development. We will surely brave the wind and waves, and make steady progress.

        At the ceremony, Chairman Xu summarized the achievements of COSMX Zhuhai Group in recent years. In 2019, the combined shipments of laptop and tablet PC batteries ranked second in the world, and shipment of smartphone battery ranked top four.

        The construction of 180 mu project is an important milestone for COSMX Zhuhai. With the construction of 180 mu and related projects, the new park of COSMX will be successfully completed. Our company in line with the " Survival by quality and development by technology " business philosophy, rooted in Zhuhai, based on the field of consumer batteries, constantly expand the power battery business scale, improve the market competitiveness, to be the best power partner of the life.




        Chairman Xu also expressed his heartfelt thanks to people from all walks of life who supported and cared about the project, and sent good wishes to the construction and development of the project.

         Finally, the secretary of Doumen district committee, Mr. Zhou Haijin announced that the intelligent manufacturing project of Zhuhai COSMX battery co., LTD. was officially started.One stone lays a foundation for all ages, and thousands of people make a hundred generations of achievements. With the salute and congratulations, the guests who attended the ceremony, waved their golden shovels to cultivate fertile soil for the intelligent manufacturing project of COSMX Zhuhai polymer lithium-ion battery, signifying the official start of the construction of the project!

         Focus on pursuing dreams and work hard to create the future. The construction of the project means that the Group has made a key step in the development of intelligent manufacturing and the acceleration of industrial transformation and upgrading, has a driving effect in improving product quality and innovative services, which will also further enhance the core competitiveness, and bring a steady stream of new development power for COSMX Zhuhai Group!