COSMX presents the 2020 World Battery Industry Expo.
发布日期: 2020-09-22 09:48:23 发布者:COSMX
       August 16, 2020 - August 18, 2020, Zhuhai COSMX carrying battery cells, communication energy storage battery, electric battery, start-stop battery, AGV battery, VDA355 module, HEV module and other products, appeared at the World Battery Industry Expo and the 5th Asia-Pacific Battery Show (WBE 2020)
       WBE focuses on building a world-class exhibition trading platform for power\energy storage, 3C and intelligent terminal batteries and industrial chain, bringing together the battery industry's current cutting-edge technology, and with its large number of foreign buyers and end-user buyers, so called "battery industry Canton Fair" in the industry
       COSMX has advanced research and production technology, and it is committed to providing customers with products and system solutions beyond expectations as their strategic partner. At the exhibition, COSMX’s all kinds of top products attracted a large number of customers, suppliers and exhibitors to exchange industry's new information, interpret the industrial wonderfulness.
       On August 18th WBE 2020 was successfully concluded. In this year's special environment, the success of WBE2020 is even more significant, becomes the focus of the industry.