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Recruitment Process

The school recruit process
Job Category Position Education Required Details
R&D post FA engineer PhD View

Job Description:

1.The mechanism study of typical failures in LIB like capacity fading, gas generation, cycle diving etc.;

2.The establishment of failure analysis flow and database;

3.Failure analysis of complicated and urgent event;

4.Development of advanced testing and analyzing technics;

5.Cross-department cooperation, providing improvement suggestion and guidance

Job Requirement:

1.Doctoral degree with LIB or electrochemical background

2.proficient in widely-used characterizations in electrochemistry and material

3.Essential ability like fast learning, excellent communication is necessary

4.LIB-related FA working experience is preferred

R&D post Cutting-edge technology development engineer PhD View

Job Description:

1. Cutting-edge technology development

2. Patent drafting and application

3. Feasibility assessment of new technologies

4. Other work related to cutting-edge technology

Job Requirement:

1. PhD

2. Major in electrochemistry, material chemistry or chemical engineering

3. At least 2 years' lithium battery research experience, and solid-state battery is preferred