New topic - Zhuhai COSMX Group talented development inventory.
发布日期: 2020-09-21 17:24:17 发布者:COSMX
        Thousand sails race at wave surging, hundreds of competing.
        In 2019, Zhuhai COSMX Group organized 71 managers to carry out a talent inventory check to help the group's senior management accurately analyze their own strengths and shortcomings. In order to clarify the existing talent situation and training direction more systematically and objectively, on August 6, 2020, Zhuhai Guanyu Group held a development talent inventory kick off meeting, 65 managers from Zhuhai headquarters, Chongqing, Jinwan branches participate the meeting online/offline.
        Long-term development of the enterprise put forward a higher level of demand for talent personal, answers to questions : what is required to achieve organizational goals are expected through talent inventory. Developmental talent inventory is intended to clarify the enterprise's demand for talent and training, with the help of staff capacity check, exploring the potential for progress, develop specific, organizational-level action plans, implement the company's overall strategy, create talent-driven organizations, to achieve sustainable growth of enterprises.
        The talent inventory uses in-depth interviews, comprehensive evaluation, performance survey, multi-aspect evaluation and other means to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the existing capabilities and potential of employees, to understand the current situation of the company's team, including business development, team structure, ability level, work status, engagement, satisfaction, etc., to evaluate the match between personnel ability and organizational requirements, as well as future capacity development key factors and recruitment priorities.
        Talent Inventory check will become the normal procedure at COSMX. Cognition, thinking, action, remodeling, better achievements are the new topic of talent development!