Electric Motorcycle

Because of its inherent characteristics,  electric motorcycle Li-ion battery can be designed more reasonable structure and more aesthetic appearance. 

Electric motorcycle lithium-ion battery solutions include battery management, battery packs, electronic /electrical systems and thermal management systems.


High Energy Density
Long Cycle Life
High Safety
Small Volume
Green and Environmental friendly

Electric motorcycle lithium-ion battery is charaterized by:

· High energy density
· Long cycle life 
· Wide operating temperature range 
· Fast charging speed
· no charging memory effect, etc

Cell Spec

Application Model Chemistry Capacity(Ah) Voltage(V)
Electrical Motorcycle CA1060G6 NCM 10 3.0~4.2
Electrical Motorcycle CA67G4P0 NCM 30 3.0~4.2
Electrical Motorcycle CA11A3W8 NCM 40 3.0~4.2
Electrical Motorcycle CA6288Q0 NCM 16 3.0~4.2