Power battery system has advantages of high energy density, wide operation temperature range, long cycle life, safe and reliable, environmental protection and no pollution. Driving vehicles by power batteries is the trend for the future . As countries are phasing out fossil- fuel car, power battery usage will continue to grow.

High Energy Density
Long Cycle Life
Wide Work Range
High Safety

COSMX has worked with international and domestic branded enterprises for technical exchanges and close cooperation, committed to the development of new products to meet the requirements of the market and customers, to be the best power partner of the life.

Cell Spec

Application Model Chemistry Capacity(Ah) Voltage(V)
Electric Vehicle CA11A3W8 NCM 50 3.0~4.2
Electric Vehicle CA13A3W8 NCM 58 3.0~4.2
Electric Vehicle CA11A5X0 NCM 55 3.0~4.2
Electric Vehicle CA85A3W8 NCM 35 3.0~4.2