Won the title of "2019 Zhuhai Doumen District Chief Quality Award"
发布日期: 2020-09-02 15:23:10 发布者:COSMX

       On the morning of August 18th, at the 2020 Zhuhai Doumen District Quality Conference, Zhuhai COSMX Battery Co., Ltd. won the title of "2019 Zhuhai Doumen District Chief Quality Award" and a million-yuan award. 




       The District Chief Quality Award is the highest honor established by the District Committee and the District Government to recognize organizations that have achieved outstanding performance in quality management, made outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of Doumen, as a benchmark and demonstration role.




       In recent years, Zhuhai COSMX Battery has been on the road toward excellence.

       Company leaders keenly grasp market opportunities, being customer demand-oriented, establish an effective customer relationship management, and continuously improve customer satisfaction and gain market share.

       According to the segmentation of the end user markets, a comprehensive and multi-channel method has been established to establish and maintain friendly relations with customers. Base on main product types, to develop different sales strategies, sales areas and sales outlets. Create "2485" service model principle of customer service process management, strengthen the cohesion of the company and customers, improve customer satisfaction.

       The company attaches great importance to technology research and innovation, and constantly enhance core competitiveness, and improve product quality through large amount investment of technical resources.

       COSMX root in technology, adhere to technological innovation as the core competitiveness and independent research and development guidance, industry, research and development cooperation as a supplement to the road of technological innovation, closely cooperated with well-known universities and research institutes world wide. COSMX also hire experts and professors as technical consultants, guarantee research and development strength and achievement been in the forefront of the international. After the implementation of the excellent performance method, the company's senior management will improve scientific research capabilities to set short-term and long-term strategic plan, increase research and development investment year by year and attract more and more outstanding research and development personnel. After the continuous efforts of scientific researchers to overcome difficulties, the number and quality of patents steadily increased. At present, COSMX has a provincial enterprise technology center, a polymer based lithium-ion battery engineering and technology research center and a key enterprise laboratory in Guangdong Province.




       The company continuously establish and upgrade the management system, strengthen process management and optimization, to ensure the effectiveness of key processes, improve the company's performance.

        The company makes full use of information and automation in design to ensure the control and efficiency of key processes. Integrated hardware and software information systems, including OA systems, PLM systems, ERP systems and MES systems, have been established to realize the interconnection of information flow in research, production, supply chain and marketing, and the use of information technology has realized real-time monitoring of key processes. The company established and upgrade the quality system of management, and actively promote zero defects, 6-Sigma management, 5S management, QCC, TPM and other activities, continuously improve and achieve good results.

        In July 2018, the company passed the identification of the "convergence of information and industrialization" and continuously increased investment in automation and information technology, aiming to create a digital intelligent factory with "traceable quality system, equipment perception, controllable process, easy analysis data, learnable experience".

        The company has built up a training management system suitable for the career development of employees, carried out a variety of employee care activities to promote employee ability and satisfaction, actively participate in poverty alleviation and charity activities, fulfill social responsibility, to ensure the company's sustainable development.

        In line with the "create value for the society" corporate mission, the company has always been responsible for social responsibility and obligations, and actively take part in public welfare activities. COSMX has made donations and assistance to the poor villages in Heyuan Longchuan, Maoming Maonan District and Yunnan Province, the company also helped poor students in Qianwu Town . After the outbreak of the covid-19, COSMX donated 5 million yuan in cash through the China Charity Federation to Hubei to fight and prevent the outbreak of this new corona viruses, and  donated masks and other emergency epidemic protection tools to the Emergency Management Bureau of Doumen District.




       In the future, Zhuhai COSMX battery will make full use of the scientific theoretical knowledge of the excellent performance management method, combine with the actual guidance of the company's operation and management, continuously improve product performance, take more social responsibility and create greater value.