Zhuhai COSMX Group honored "Great Love and Good Fight towards The Pandemic "
发布日期: 2020-04-25 14:37:02 发布者:COSMX

   On April 20, Zhuhai, Doumen District Jingan Town Committee and People's Government awarded Zhuhai COSMX Group " Great Love and Good Fight towards The Pandemic " honor, gave high praise and thanked the Group for its caring donation.

   Facing the pandemic with great responsibility and unwavering stand Zhuhai COSMX Group as one of the city's new energy battery industry leading enterprises, repaying to the society while developing, reflecting companies’ social love and responsibility.




   Confronting this sudden outbreak, Zhuhai COSMX Group and the region's brother enterprises together, receive "order" and move, quick action. We actively participate in the epidemic prevention and control, actively donating, contribute to win the pandemic.

   At the important moment when epidemic prevention and control work achieving success, resuming massive production and speed up, Zhuhai COSMX according to Zhuhai City Doomen District, the Covid-19 outbreak prevention and control command "nine in place" requirements to: prevention and control mechanism in place, staff screening in place, dormitory management in place, canteen management in place, air conditioning management in place, vehicle management in place, workplace epidemic prevention in place, training work in place, facilities and materials in place; "One-to-one" return program, the effective implementation of corporate prevention and control responsibilities. To prevent and control the outbreak and resume work and production, achieve the "double victory".