COSMX donates 5 million yuan to fight new pneumonia
发布日期: 2020-02-21 15:50:28 发布者:COSMX

        On January 28, COSMX donated 5 million yuan in cash through the China Charity Federation, all of which is used for the first-line fight and control of the new coronavirus epidemic.

        At the beginning of the New Year, the new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia has developed rapidly, affecting the hearts of the people throughout the country. In the face of the epidemic, medical and nursing personnel, regardless of their personal safety, have rushed to the front line, and are united in their efforts to fight the epidemic. At this critical moment, COSMX hopes to make a small contribution to the front-line medical workers and patients to provide assistance.

        Love is not afraid of the wind, after the wind and rain is sunny, we will be able to win the epidemic prevention and CONTROL OF SNIPER WARFARE!