Gathering of new products! Successful conclusion of Zhuhai COSMX in SNEC Exhibit
发布日期: 2023-05-26 16:28:00 发布者:COSMX

        On May 26, Zhuhai COSMX participated in the 16th SNEC Exhibition. At the exhibition, Zhuhai COSMX exhibited its main energy storage products, including commercial and household energy storage products. In the field of commercial energy storage, according to the demands of different customers, Zhuhai COSMX is providing services such as shared leasing, emergency power supply, and demand response of virtual power plant. In the field of household energy storage, Zhuhai COSMX exhibited the household energy storage modules and battery pack products, and has reached strategic cooperation with well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers. In the future, Zhuhai COSMX will start from the actual demands of customers, insist on technical innovation, and provide flexible and diversified new energy solutions for customers.