Exhibition | Zhuhai COSMX participated in CIBF with multiple new products
发布日期: 2023-05-19 17:56:00 发布者:COSMX

        On May 18, Zhuhai COSMX participated in the 15th CIBF Fair, exhibited the company's products and R&D capabilities in all aspects. In the field of lithium battery, Zhuhai COSMX exhibited the newly launched large energy storage cells, including 72H4L8B standard model cell and 25A6R6B standard vehicle cell; In the field of energy storage systems, COSMX exhibited a series of products such as Rack battery racks, energy storage outdoor cabinets, and energy storage containers etc. for the first time; In the field of power battery, Zhuhai COSMX exhibited multiple 12V vehicle start-stop battery products. In the future, COSMX will seize the opportunity of the new energy industry, drive development through innovation, and provide battery products of higher quality to global customers.